General information about membership in fotocommunity

On our Membership page you can upgrade your free Free Membership to a Basic, Pro, World or Complete Membership with advanced features and services. There you can also see which membership you currently have. To change your membership, please visit the Membership page.

Memberships – Overview
The main difference between the membership types of fotocommunity is how many pictures a member can upload in total and how many can be posted to the public discussion each week. At you can get an overview of all memberships, you can sign up for one or change an existing membership.

Free membership
The fotocommunity is open to everyone. That’s why there is the free free membership. With the free membership, a total of 100 photos can be uploaded and one photo per week can be placed in the public discussion. By default, every member falls back to this status as long as they do not have any of the following Premium Memberships.

Premium Membership
In addition to Free Membership, fotocommunity offers three types of paid membership that offer special benefits to Premium Members. These include higher limits for uploading photos and posting photos in public discussion as well as a higher number of photo folders. In addition, Premium Memberships offer functions and services exclusively reserved for Premium Members. On the Memberships page you will find a clear description of all prices and services of the individual membership types.

  • Basic-Membership
    The basic membership offers the possibility to upload a total of 350 pictures and to put 10 photos per week into public discussion. Basic members can also use 20 photo folders to organize their photos. This membership is especially recommended for those who would like to use and get to know the extended possibilities of a Premium Membership.
  • Pro Membership
    Members with a Pro membership can post 15 photos per week in public discussion and upload up to 2,000 photos in total. In total, pro members can organize pictures in up to 100 photo folders. This membership is particularly suitable for members who have familiarized themselves with the advantages of the Premium Membership and would like to upload more pictures and put them up for public discussion.
  • World membership
    An unlimited number of photos can be uploaded by World members and organized in an unlimited number of photo folders. In addition, members with a World membership can post up to 30 photos each week for public discussion. The special advantage of this membership is that fotocommunity can be used to the full extent in all languages. It does not matter in which language photos are put up for public discussion. In order for photos to be posted in the other languages, it is necessary that you log in in the respective language and upload the picture there.
    The World membership is recommended for those who want to use the advantages of the fotocommunity across languages and who do not want to consider quantity restrictions when uploading and organizing photos.
  • Complete membership
    In addition to the benefits of World Membership, Complete Membership includes an annual subscription to Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom at a discounted price. For more information about Complete membership, visit In addition to your World Membership, you will receive a coupon code to activate your Adobe Creative Cloud products upon receipt of your payment.