Get more from your account

The fotocommunity offers a variety of possibilities to live the theme of photography. No matter if you want to present yourself and your pictures or if you are actively looking for a connection to photographic regulars’ tables – there is something for everyone.

To make your time in the fotocommunity as successful as possible, we give you some tips here.

Tell us who you are.

It’s like real life. It’s much easier to join an existing group when you introduce yourself to each other. That’s why you can read short texts about the person, photographic preferences or career in many profiles of our users. This makes it much easier to find exciting photographers with similar interests and to learn a little about the person behind the camera.
So make it easier for members of the fotocommunity to learn something about you and your photography. With a filled out profile and a profile picture you break the first ice, give your account a face and say friendly “Hello!”

Show us your photos.

Show us your photos, because the more photos you publish at the beginning of your membership, the more likely it is that other members will notice, appreciate, comment or subscribe to your photos. This is the first and most important step into the community and maybe the beginning of long friendships. Photos shape the fotocommunity and they are the key to being discovered. They dominate all sides and are the starting point for discovery through the world of motifs. By the way, all reactions to your pictures are presented to you in your own “news stream” under “My community”.

Show others that you like their photos.

Just as you are happy about any feedback on your photos, so are all members of the fotocommunity. Feedback is recognition or incentive to become even better. That’s why: Give feedback in the form of appreciation, favorites or comments and you will also receive feedback on your photos. You will also find all the photos you have appreciated in a separate photo list in your profile and can enjoy them again and again.

Subscribe to other photographers who inspire you.

Have you discovered photographers who take particularly good, exciting or inspiring pictures? You can easily subscribe to the photos of these photographers via “Follow” and never miss any of their pictures again, because they will be displayed in your profile under “Photos of friends“.

Subscribe to exicting sections.

Are you interested in specific photographic topics and don’t want to miss any new pictures from this section? Then subscribe to your favourite sections and stay up to date!

Write comments.

Words say much more than a clicked “appreciate”. So it’s always worth writing comments under photos that touch you – even in two ways. The photographer of the commented photo is happy about it and each of your comments is a link to your profile. This way you can use good comments to lure many other members to your profile and to your photos. You can also find all commented photos in an overview in your profile.

We think we have given you a good basis with these tips and wish you a lot of fun in fotocommunity!